Category: Designing Meaningful Interaction

UX_Design Week4 | seat-back experience

Requirements -Soda (4 types), juice (2 types), coffee, tea water -Sandwich (3 types) -Salad (2 types) -Dressing (4 types) -Snacks (4 types of chips) or nuts or fruit…


UX Design Week3 | Counting App

Counting Measuring time in ruler. Timer In ancient China, Chinese used some traditional ways to measure time. Such as the time for smoking one pipe, drinking one cup of tea, burning up one joss stick….

count down

UX Design Week2 | Counting Device

Design a physical object that can sit on a desk that allows a user to count up or down. The target audience is someone who wants to keep a numeric tally and…

UX Design Week1| satisfying / frustrating experience

A. Have you ever fallen in love with an everyday object?  Is there an object that you use every day or frequently that you appreciate for it’s touch, appearance…