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Animation Final | How can I go to NYU ITP?

An After Effects animation made with Yiting.  

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Intro to Fab Final | a drawing machine

I made this box for my pcom final project. It took me several days to finish the fabrication part. This is a drawing machine. When it start working,…

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PCOM & ICM Final | Fake Painter

Description Today, most of the sketches appears in digital format.  Copy machine, scanner, graphics tablets…all those stuff are transferring hand drawing to digital world. What I want to do is something on…


Intro to Fab Week5 | two materials : Cement Pencil Holder

Tadao Ando is one of my favorite architects. His architectures, which always use reinforced concrete as primary material, cannot be described as comfortable but have a very unique style. I’m curious…


ICM Final | Update

Prototype Next step Make a physical box. Put circuits and laser inside and put a translucent acrylic board on the top of box so that users could follow the trace of…

Intro to Fab Week4 | Enclosure

This week, we were assigned to build an enclosure for an electronics project.  The cardboard enclosures Ben showed us in class really amazed me. Cardboard is such an affordable and re-producible…


Intro to Fab Week3 | Lasercut Contrast Ruler

Nendo is one of my favorite Japanese design studio. Most of their designs are very simple and minimal, but have a friendliness and playfulness. When I got the assignment this…

Animation week3 | Storyboard

<How can I get into ITP NYU ?>

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 23.58.19副本副本

Animation week2 | Who am I?

Yiting, Franklin and i worked together for our stop motion animation last week. The process is much more difficult than i expected. The biggest problem we met is battery. We changed…


Intro to Fab Week2 | Mutiples: The Link Shelf

The Link Shelf designed by Studio Hausen is one of my most favorite design. It’s a modular shelving system which made of a series of steel bracket and wooden…

PCOM Final | Update

Dec.7 demo Nov.30  final sketch in processing Nov.19 idea change: Using the laser pointer to draw the picture captured by the Kinect and ask the users to draw on paper…

ICM Final | Proposal

What is it? I’m planning to work out a drawing machine for this project, combining icm and pcom together. In the icm part, a Kinect camera will capture…


Intro to Fab Week1| Lighter Flashlight

Finally finish my flashlight after 6 hours work..      My boyfriend is a smoker for several years and I always complain about it. Yesterday, when I thought about how…

Applications-experience|Nurse Bettie

My adventure was to go to the Nurse Bettie- a local favorite bar in Lower East Side. The bar doesn’t stand out so I walked through it twice.     It’s a cute little…


ICM Week10|Video and Sound

Rotate lines to visualize the  frequency spectrum: