The problem I focused on was the cigarette butt at my home.

My boyfriend is a smoker. Since we moved to a new apartment(which is on the fourth floor without elevator),  he always lies his upper body out of window to smoke instead of going outside the building . The issue annoyed me the most is  that he used to stubbing out cigarette on the window sill and leaving the cigarette butt right on it.



Nudge idea

An ash tray which can:

  • Let smoker stub out cigarette on it unconsciously
  • Collect cigarette butt







I made a smoker gesture and used plaster to cast it.


I put it on window sill and observed his reaction. It did work as my expected.


-Looks funny.


-The base is too wide to stay on the window sill so it’s inconvenient to move it from desk to window every time.


When I moved the hand model away, I surprisingly found that he started to use a disposable cup to collect cigarette butt instead of pressing it on window sill as usual.


Although this wired hand works just as a normal ash tray, I found that it could act as a reminder and left a deep impression to smokers.