For the first assignment, we were asked to create a experience which can give participant a sense of  presence and Immersion.

I wanted to find a narrow space with low ceiling, which gives people a feeling of oppression and makes they feel like they are trapped by the space.

I looked at the library in Pratt Institute. This old four-story building was the first public library in New York. In stack area, book shelves are connected with translucent glass paths. I can clearly see the books in upper or lower floor from the gap between the shelf and the path, which makes me feel that I’m overwhelmed by infinite books.

I put the camera on the edge of glass path.



I asked my friend to test it with google cardboard, and got some valuable feedback:

  1. The space is narrow enough for me to focus.
  2. The view is too limited.
  3. It’s wired to find that I’m stuck between the floor.