Intro to Fab Week5 | two materials : Cement Pencil Holder

Tadao Ando is one of my favorite architects. His architectures, which always use reinforced concrete as primary material, cannot be described as comfortable but have a very unique style.


I’m curious about cement for a long time, and this week, i’m going to use this material make a pencil holder. I hope it could be simple but stylish, has an organic, handmade feel.

1.Making the mode

I used the cardboards left from last week and glued the pieces together to make two cube modes, one big and one small. Then I wrapped the bottom of the containers with tape to make sure it was hermetic.


Then , i drilled holes on the cube and fixed two modes together with screws.


2. Getting another material

It is winter now, leaves fall off trees. I went out and easily found some nice branches on the street. And I decided to insert these branches into cement not only because i like the natural, organic thing, but also to reinforce the pencil holder (just like reinforce bar in the wall).


3. Making hopper

Then i made a super simple but useful hopper with polyester and staples.


4. Mixing cement

All I need to do is simply mix the cement with water.
I got too limited amount of water at first, so the cement got hard quickly before I poured it into containers. It was not easy to keep the balance between water and cement.


5.Filling the containers

Then i filled the space of two containers with cement mixed. I shook the cubes to make sure no air bubble existed.


6.Inserting branches


7.Removing the modes

This step is harder than i expected because some parts of cardboard got wet and stuck together with cement.




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  1. Nice work, I like how the twigs are reminiscent of structural re-bar.

    I like the detail the tape gave to your cement, but I don’t think cardboard is the best material for casting cement. I’m not surprised it stuck to the cement in the end. Did the cardboard eventually come off after it dried?

    Good technique with your mold making and hopper.

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