Intro to Fab Week4 | Enclosure


This week, we were assigned to build an enclosure for an electronics project. 

The cardboard enclosures Ben showed us in class really amazed me. Cardboard is such an affordable and re-producible material ,which we could find everywhere around us everyday. So I decided to use it make my enclosure.

This is my idea: Make a storage box which is disguised as a book.


1.Laser cut the cardboards


I added some details to make it looks more like a real dictionary(however it not a successful effort..)


2.Enlarge the hole and install the switch



3.Stick all parts together


4.connect covers with  corrugated paper

(chipboard cover)

thumb_IMG_6077_1024 work

thumb_IMG_6079_1024 thumb_IMG_6080_1024 thumb_IMG_6081_1024


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  1. Great work. You got a lot from your cardboard, it really works well.

    The square cuts outs for the 2 toggle switches could probably be done on the laser as well. But the beauty of using cardboard is that you can cut it with hand tools, so that works too.

    Will the switches and button have a function?

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