Intro to Fab Week3 | Lasercut Contrast Ruler

Nendo is one of my favorite Japanese design studio. Most of their designs are very simple and minimal, but have a friendliness and playfulness.

When I got the assignment this week, I came up with the ‘contrast ruler’ they designed in 2014.  This is a clear acrylic ruler , features markings that fade from black to white (making it easy to use on both dark and light surfaces). This week, I decided to make my own ruler.

  • Draw the ruler in autoCAD
    Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 13.29.22
  • laser cut

I decided to make four rulers just in case of something unexpected happen. Then I cut and etched them by laser cutter.thumb_IMG_5941_1024

  • paint color

I used the trick Ben told us to the acrylic board, painted half of the lines in black.



  • final product



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  1. Nice work, very simple but very clever.

    Did the white ink wipe off as easily as the black?

    • Actually i didn’t use white ink on this ruler. But i tried it on another piece, the colorless blender marker worked well too and easily erased all the ink.

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